What Does a Discrimination Lawyer Do?

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Discrimination Lawyer

Discrimination Lawyer: Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is something we often see around us. No matter how good an employee is, they experience unfair treatment because of their attributes. Discrimination happens to people even if they perform well at work. Discrimination has adverse effects on an employee’s self-esteem and mental health. No one wants to be treated differently without proper grounds. Some employers show unequal treatment simply because of an employee’s color, race, gender, and other factors. Victims suffer from emotional trauma or even abuse because of discrimination. Read more if you want to know what you can do if you are a victim of discrimination at your workplace.

Types of Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination comes in many types and causes. Some of the most common reasons are the following:

  • Race or color

Discrimination exists when an employer mistreats an employee because of their race. Physical appearance due to race or color must not be a basis for them to receive fewer opportunities. For example, when an employee is black, short, or has curly hair, this should not be a basis for unequal treatment. A racial discrimination lawyer can help you fight for your rights. A racial discrimination lawyer will gather evidence to prove that your employer maltreated you because of your race or color. You must hire a racial discrimination lawyer to file a lawsuit.

  • National origin or ethnicity

Discrimination likewise happens when an employer treats an applicant or employee unfavorably because that person comes from a specific place in the world. Employers cannot show unfair treatment because of an employee’s facial features or ethnicity.

  • Sex, gender, or sexual orientation

Discrimination happens when an employer treats an employee differently because they are a woman or gay. Discrimination based on sex, orientation, gender identity, and expression is not allowed, especially if it has no relation to the job’s demands. For example, a woman who can perform a task the same way as all others cannot be dismissed because of her pregnancy. Otherwise, you will need a sex discrimination lawyer.

A sex discrimination lawyer or gender discrimination lawyer can help you identify your rights. A sex discrimination lawyer or gender discrimination lawyer knows what remedies you have to seek justice. Do not hesitate to call a sex discrimination lawyer or gender discrimination lawyer if you feel like you were not treated right.

  • Religion

In job hunting, if the staff informs you that you were not selected because of your religion, you need a workplace discrimination lawyer. You may also seek legal help from a work discrimination lawyer if you experience unfair treatment because of your religious practices, even if they do not harm your employment.

  • Age

Discrimination lawyers can help you seek compensation for the discrimination you experienced because of your age. As long as you can do the work as required in the course of employment, an employer cannot dismiss you or show unfair treatment because of your age.

The United States Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects applicants and employees 40 years of age and older from discrimination based on age. The law applies in the hiring, promotion, and discharge of employees. The same law applies to compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment. Discrimination lawyers are necessary if a job applicant experiences age discrimination. In the same way, discrimination lawyers can help if an employee’s salary is lower because they are old.

  • Disability

Another common cause of discrimination is a person’s disability. Employees who do not have the same opportunities as others because of their disability can ask for help from job discrimination lawyers. Job discrimination lawyers will assess the situation. The lawyer will prove that if a person’s disability does not hamper their job, an employer cannot be mean to them or for that reason. It would help if you talked to job discrimination lawyers for legal advice on this matter.

Filing a Complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

file a suit

If you are a victim of discrimination of any type, you may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Complaint filing is a challenging task. You need to know what laws you can refer to in your favor, gather evidence, and have all the documents to support your claim. An employment discrimination lawyer can help you file the complaint on your behalf. An employment discrimination lawyer has the expertise to verify what evidence may be allowed or not. You would want to save time submitting documents that will not be considered because of a lack of proper legal authentication. An employment discrimination lawyer will help you elevate your case properly.

The Commission will investigate the complaint before them. They have to ascertain whether the facts are true by looking at the records and evidence. They will need to examine the strength of the evidence and weigh its reliability. The Commission does its best to be prudent in its judgment and allow the parties to explain both sides of the story. They will render judgment based on facts, law, and evidence.

Cost of Hiring Discrimination Lawyers

The cost of hiring lawyers varies. Some lawyers charge higher than others because of their track record, experience, and expertise in the field. It would help if you prepared for the cost of the attorney’s professional fees, court fees, and logistical fees.

Final Thoughts

Discrimination is the last thing you want to feel in your workplace. Yet, remember that if you are a victim of such, you have recourse under the law. There are remedies that you can avail to seek justice for yourself. A job discrimination lawyer can help you to bring your case to the proper authorities. A workplace discrimination lawyer can help you fight for the rights you have. You will feel less terrible if you know that you are doing something to improve your situation instead of just letting things pass. After all, the reason why you want to file a lawsuit is that you want to feel a sense of justice for the wrongdoings against you.

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